Merger & Acquisition Management

The goal of merging two or more companies is to try to create synergies - where the "new company" is greater than the sum of the previous two separate entities.


Mergers occur when two companies join forces. Such transactions typically take place between two companies that are roughly the same size and recognize each other's advantages in terms of increased sales, efficiency and capabilities. The terms of the merger are often quite amicable and friendly, and the two companies become equal partners in the new company.


Acquisitions occur when one company buys another company and incorporates it into its operations. Sometimes the purchase is friendly, sometimes hostile, depending on whether the acquired company sees itself in a better position as an operational unit of a larger company.


The end result of both processes is the same, but the relationship between the two companies differs depending on whether a merger or acquisition has occurred.


Over 20+ years of experience helps to find the right process for mergers and acqusitions.